Decusatio Impact Investments extends its appreciation to Famous Brands for its commendable efforts in embracing sustainability and corporate responsibility

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Famous Brands’ recent commitment to supporting alternative energy solutions serves as a beacon of inspiration for the corporate world, showcasing the transformative power of strategic sustainable initiatives.

A Partnership for Positive Change


At Decusatio Impact Investments, we firmly believe in the collective power of collaboration and innovation to drive positive change. We commend Famous Brands for its visionary approach in offering a 1% relief program for franchise partners investing in renewable energy solutions. By incentivising sustainable practices and providing financial support, Famous Brands sets a remarkable example for the industry and beyond.

Introducing Fika Phila: Empowering Cancer Patients Through Transportation Solutions

In alignment with our commitment to impactful investments, Decusatio Impact Investments proudly introduces the Fika Phila Project. Spearheaded by Campaigning for Cancer (C4C), Fika Phila addresses a critical challenge faced by cancer patients in South Africa: reliable transportation to treatment centers. Collaborating with the Siyaphambili Cashless Taxi Association and Uber, this initiative ensures cancer patients have access to safe and timely transportation to medical facilities.

Key Features of the Fika Phila Project:

  • Transportation Solutions: Leveraging app-based services from Siyaphambili and Uber, Fika Phila provides safe and reliable transport for cancer patients, eliminating the stress of arranging or affording transportation.
  • Financial Relief: By covering transportation costs, Fika Phila alleviates the financial burden on patients and their families, allowing them to prioritise essential expenses like food and medical treatment.
  • Impact on Patient Health: Reliable transportation prevents missed appointments, crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of cancer treatment and preventing health deterioration.
  • Community Support: Supported by a grant from a local civil society organisation, Fika Phila highlights the community’s role in enhancing patient care and well-being.

Achievements to date:
Over the past three months, Fika Phila has registered 343 patients on the Siyaphambili app and facilitated 47 immunocompromised patients’ trips using Uber. A total of 344 Uber round trips were recorded during December, January, and February, demonstrating the project’s significant reach and impact.

Driving Impact Through Sustainable Initiatives

Famous Brands’ commitment to sustainability and community empowerment, alongside initiatives like Fika Phila, underscores the importance of corporate responsibility in creating meaningful societal change. By investing in projects that address pressing social and environmental challenges, organizations can drive positive impact while fostering long-term resilience and prosperity.

Join Us in Making a Difference


Decusatio Impact Investments invites organisations to join us in supporting initiatives like Fika Phila and embracing sustainable business practices. Together, we can build a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future for all.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can make a difference through sustainable investment and community empowerment.

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