Are you a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer or distributor, or a medical device organisation working in South Africa? Are you looking for innovative ways to deploy your B-BBEE spend to deliver significant social impact in the healthcare sector?

Look no further. Our strategic partnership with Campaigning For Cancer offers a suite of impactful solutions designed to meet your Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) goals while making a real difference in the lives of South Africans.

Why Focus on B-BBEE in Healthcare?

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is a critical driver for socio-economic transformation in South Africa. For organisations in the healthcare sector, aligning your B-BBEE initiatives with impactful projects can not only improve your compliance scores but also enhance your corporate reputation and contribute to the well-being of communities.

Partnering with Campaigning For Cancer

Campaigning For Cancer is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advocating for cancer patients and their families. By partnering with them, your organization can channel its B-BBEE spend into initiatives that yield both social and economic benefits. We offer projects under this partnership that cater to various aspects of healthcare improvement and patient support. Two of our flagship projects include:

Fika Phila

The Fika Phila project, spearheaded by Campaigning for Cancer (C4C), addresses a critical challenge faced by cancer patients in South Africa: reliable transportation to treatment centres. In collaboration with transport partners, this initiative facilitates easier access to medical facilities, ensuring that patients receive timely and necessary treatments.

Key Features of the project:

  • Transportation Solutions: The project leverages app-based services from Siyaphambili and Uber to provide safe, reliable transport for cancer patients. This service ensures patients can attend their treatment appointments without the added stress of arranging or affording transportation.
  • Financial Relief: By covering transportation costs, Fika Phila alleviates the financial burden on patients and their families, who often face difficult choices between essential expenses like food and medical treatment.
  • Impact on Patient Health: Reliable transportation helps prevent missed appointments, which are critical to maintaining the effectiveness of cancer treatment. This continuity of care is essential for preventing regression or deterioration of patients’ health.
  • Community Support: The initiative is supported by a grant from a local civil society organization, highlighting the community’s role in enhancing patient care.

Over the last three months, 343 patients have registered on the Siyaphambili app, and 47 immunocompromised patients have utilised Uber services. During December, January, and February, a total of 344 Uber round trips were recorded, demonstrating the project’s substantial reach and impact. The Fika Phila project exemplifies how innovative partnerships and community support can overcome significant barriers to healthcare, providing a lifeline for cancer patients in need. 

By investing in Fika Phila, your organisation can earn ESD points by supporting small businesses and service providers involved in the program. Additionally, this project enhances SED contributions by directly impacting the lives of individuals and communities affected by cancer.

Project Ask

Project Ask, another initiative by Campaigning for Cancer, provides crucial support to cancer patients and their caregivers who face barriers in accessing treatment, benefits, medication, or healthcare services. The project offers comprehensive case management services, guiding individuals through the complexities of the healthcare system to ensure they receive the care they are entitled to, regardless of whether they are treated in state hospitals or have medical aid.

Key Aspects of Project Ask:

  • Patient Navigation: Case Managers assist patients in securing the treatment they deserve by navigating the healthcare system. They provide support at any stage of the cancer journey, ensuring that patients understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • Workplace Guidance: Project Ask also advises patients on handling workplace issues arising from their cancer diagnosis, helping them manage employment-related challenges effectively.
  • Access to Information and Support:
    • Information: The project offers access to comprehensive databases and resources, providing credible information about cancer, treatment options, and patient rights.
    • Support Groups: Patients and their families are referred to established support groups for emotional and practical guidance, improving their quality of life during and after treatment.
  • Patient Advocacy: Project Ask champions patient rights, assisting with:
    • Appeals against medical scheme decisions and treatment plans.
    • Applications for ex gratia funding from medical schemes.
    • Navigating public hospital services and addressing referral issues.
    • Ensuring fair treatment in healthcare settings and workplaces.

By helping patients understand and manage their healthcare journey, Project Ask empowers them to make informed decisions and access necessary treatments. The project aims to enhance patient outcomes by promoting efficient, cost-effective care and ensuring that patients receive timely and appropriate treatment. Through Project Ask, your organisation can support a sustainable supply chain and enhance local healthcare infrastructure, qualifying for both ESD and SED points.

Why Choose these Solutions?


  1. Alignment with B-BBEE Goals: Our projects are specifically designed to help your organisation meet ESD and SED requirements, ensuring compliance and improved B-BBEE scores.
  2. Tangible Social Impact: By participating in our initiatives, you contribute to meaningful change in the healthcare sector, improving access to care and patient outcomes.
  3. Enhanced Corporate Reputation: Demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility can enhance your brand image and strengthen stakeholder relationships.

Maximise your B-BBEE spend and drive social impact in South Africa’s healthcare sector. Contact us today to learn more about how our partnership with Campaigning For Cancer can help you achieve your goals. Together, we can create a healthier, more equitable future for all South Africans.

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Let’s work together to make a difference.