New innovative water-waste recovery technology.

The latest Kaackai video unveils their revolutionary smart wastewater recovery pods, designed to recover 98% of high-quality clean water from sewage for reuse. These plug-and-play pods are available in various modular sizes to suit different needs, from individual homes to entire cities. The innovative Danish-patented technology silently removes waste from wastewater without any unpleasant odors.

Each Kaackai pod requires a conservancy tank for daily wastewater collection, with larger pods needing an additional buffer tank for stable water supply. Installation is seamless, with gravitational pipes connecting the pod directly to the tanks. The magic happens in the biozone, where patented bio-block cubes and biofilm harbor powerful treatment microbes. Airblowers agitate and distribute oxygen, creating an ideal environment for microbial digestion of unwanted nutrients, all with minimal power consumption.

After treatment, water flows into the clarified chamber, is recycled back to the conservancy tank, and water is disinfected using UV filtration. The result? High-quality, chemical-free, environmentally friendly water ready for reuse in irrigation or other purposes. Powered by an energy-efficient controller, Kaackai pods consume minimal power, equivalent to a 40-watt light bulb always on.

Kaackai, known for its effortless setups and outstanding customer service, encourages everyone to save water, money, and time by generating their own clean water with Kaackai pods.

To learn more, watch the new YouTube video from Kaackai:
Considering the state of the water infrastructure in South Africa, we’re seeing an increased number of inquiries regarding water solutions across the value chain, and we, as Decusatio Impact Investment Solutions, look forward to engaging with partners on further projects.
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