An innovative new partnership between Decusatio Impact Investment Solutions and water sector innovator KaacKai will play a meaningful role in enhancing water infrastructure in South Africa while allowing corporate South Africa to meet their Enterprise Development and Sustainability Goals.   

The 2022 Drop Reports compiled by the Department of Water and Sanitation, points out the dire state of South Africa’s wastewater, water treatment and water efficiency systems. The reports indicate that approximately 40% of the wastewater treatment plants in South Africa are deemed to be in a critical state with 46% of water deemed to be is estimated to be “non-revenue water” – meaning water which is cleaned but due to water losses and leaks, it never reaches the end consumer.

Poor maintenance causes leaks, sewage spills and water shortages in areas – both urban and rural – and if nothing is done, we could be well on our way to facing potential prolonged system failures similar to what we are experiencing in terms of the energy sector. The South African healthcare sector is already feeling this burden as cholera and other diseases spread. 



This partnership will assist in the rapid rollout of wastewater recovery pods and larger systems in urban and rural areas, resulting in the production of clean water that can be reused off the grid for multiple purposes. Advisory firm Decusatio will bring its project structuring experience with corporate partners while Kaackai brings world-class technology and training for installers linked to maintenance contracts providing long term jobs.


“One has only to look at the current news headlines to realise that water infrastructure is now impacting ordinary South Africans on a day-to-day basis and is rapidly going to overtake load-shedding as a social impact issue,”

-Emma Montocchio, Head of Decusatio Impact Investment Solutions.


Montocchio continues: “By investing in these solutions, which are proven and tested and have been successfully applied elsewhere, we can improve the current situation regarding access to clean water in the most vulnerable areas and provide corporate South Africa with an easy-to-implement and scalable solution delivering immediate social and environmental impact.”

 Emma Muller, founder and CEO of Kaackai says: “Water insecurity is a reality. KaacKai’s user-friendly technology can help overcome the immediate crisis and long term KaacKai offers a sustainable solution that can change corporate South Africa’s approach to a critical resource even after the crisis is over. “

 With funding being a key consideration, Kaackai solutions are modular and scalable. An entry-level solution suitable for 5 to 10 people costs around R115 000  – excluding civil work – while a large solution for 300 – 500 people is around R675 000.  





Should you be interested in investing in innovative sustainable solutions that improve access to clean water, get in touch. Water will be the new battleground for society and it is key that we equip role players with the tools to tackle this challenge.

To find out more about Decusatio’s Impact Investment Solutions and Kaackai, please E-mail