The rapid rollout of rooftop solar energy in the Northern Cape will receive a significant boost from August 2023 as a result of a strategic project undertaken by Lilitha Solar PV and Solana Energy.

 Recognising the importance of capacitating the province with skilled electricians and solar installers, Lilitha Solar PV partnered with Solana Energy to train 15 young electricians and 4 small electrical business owners at the Solana Energy training academy in Richards Bay.

Over a 21-day training period, electricians learnt a number of key skills that would equip them to deliver high-quality installations for both residential sites as well as Commercial and Industrial (C&I) operations.

“Solar energy is one of the most exciting sectors in South Africa and it is critical that we develop a skilled base of installers across the country,” says Ahmed Motara, Business Development Lead for Solana Energy.

Motara explains that following the training in Richards Bay, the cohort has returned to the Northern Cape and will be assigned to support installations as part of the Solana Certified Installer Network. The SMEs themselves receive further support in the form of dedicated accounting and marketing support.

 Abner Wagenaar, Economic Development Manager for Lilitha Solar  says: “This project is aiming to address the lack of skills in the Emthanjeni Municipality and surrounding areas with respect to the Solar PV industry. To stimulate economic activity and participation, a multi-level approach is needed that will develop skills, create job opportunities and start small businesses in the area that can keep up with the demand.”

Solana Energy will be deploying experienced installers from its Head Office to oversee initial installations which will include roof-top installations for residential properties as well as larger C&I opportunities.

“Apart from being able to offer solar-as-a-service, our competitive advantage is our skilled installer base and we look forward to showcasing work in the Northern Cape region in the coming months,” says Motara.

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About Solana Energy:

Solana’s mission is to be a leading reference in the renewable energy solutions sector, and make it a popular source when it comes to the micro-generation of clean and sustainable energy. As a renewable energy integrator and provider, Solana Energy offers the highest quality products and solutions, saving customers money with lower energy costs, while transforming the energy sector in South Africa.

About Lilitha Solar PV

Lilitha Solar meaning ‘Ray of Light’, named for its African origins and the region’s rich resource of sun.

This 75MW project is situated in the heart of South Africa’s renewable energy generation, in De Aar, Northern Cape Province.

Arising from the South African Government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme’s second bid window (BW2), Lilitha Solar is one of the larger solar PV plants supporting the country’s shift to clean energy production.

Situated in the Pixley ka Seme District (Emthanjeni Municipality), Lilitha supplies the country’s national utility with an estimated 183 GWh of electricity each year, in addition to supporting the four local beneficiary communities through its numerous economic development programmes.