In a groundbreaking Supplier Development collaboration, Solana Energy has joined forces with Absa Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) to bring solar energy to the forefront of social impact initiatives. This partnership ensures access to sustainable energy for organizations like Ma Mohau NPO orphanage, situated in Ekhuruleni, Gauteng. If you would like to partner on similar projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Read the full release below:

Shining Light on Social Impact

Through Absa CIB’s Citizenship programme in collaboration with the Public Sector & Growth Capital Solutions team, Solana Energy commits to a three-year initiative. The first beneficiary, Ma Mohau NPO orphanage, faced severe disruptions due to daily 4 to 6 hours of loadshedding, hampering crucial activities and services.


Illuminating the Way Forward

Solana Energy’s intervention included the installation of a solar energy system and structural enhancements to the facility’s roof. The consistent power supply now empowers the water pump, ensuring a continuous and clean water supply, enabling the orphanage to resume its essential operations.


A Collaborative Vision

Ahmed Motara, Business Development lead at Solana Energy, expresses pride in the Supplier Development collaboration with Absa. He emphasizes the importance of extending solar energy beyond those who can afford it, ensuring critical organizations like Ma Mohau can fulfill their daily missions.

Bongi Mabena, Citizenship Manager at Absa CIB, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the initiative’s role in leveraging Absa’s Supplier Development efforts to create a sustainable landscape for communities.



Beyond Installation: Solana Energy’s Impactful Journey

Solana Energy, established through an Enterprise and Supplier Development partnership with South32 in 2022, goes beyond being a mere solar installer. The company is a purpose-led and impact-focused organization, exemplified by the development of a world-class training facility in Richard’s Bay. This facility has trained over 110 young solar installers and fostered the establishment of accredited installers and black-owned electrical businesses across the country.

A Future of Inclusive Solar Access

Motara concludes by emphasizing Solana Energy’s commitment to being a catalyst for change. The collaboration with Absa’s Citizenship team exemplifies their dedication to democratizing access to solar energy, ensuring a brighter and sustainable future for communities in need.


Should you wish to partner with us, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss in further detail your requirements.