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KaacKai was launched in 2021 in South Africa and has already established itself as a market leader in smart wastewater recovery pods for commercial and industrial users, cities, mines, hotels, and private households. The Danish patented pods are user-friendly, plug-and-play systems allowing users to recover EU standard clean water from daily wastewater for safe reuse with no smell, no noise, and minimum energy requirements. The pods are modular and range from small pods that treat water for five people to large bioreactors and biocontainers for large users and cities. If necessary, additional systems can be added in a modular fashion to increase the capacity of wastewater to be treated.

The ESG facility offers a full turnkey based on a monthly tariff, covering the following key elements.

  • Complete Installation & Commissioning​
  • Comprehensive Service & Maintenance suite​
  • High-Value Customer Service​
  • Insurance
  • ESG implementation

The facility is uniquely tailored to deliver on ESG goals around job creation, skills development and capacity building as well as Sustainable Development Goal 6, which focuses on water and sanitation.

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of schools have no water access

don't have basic sanitation services

of population doesn't have access to reliable water

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