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Impact Investing represents one of the single biggest trends in global financial markets and will be a key contributor to prosperity in emerging markets including the African continent.

Whether you are looking to comply with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) regulations, have committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or simply want to ensure that you are able to be delivering maximum social impact on the projects you are involved in.

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Our Projects


Since 2019 we have been involved in a number of projects focused on:

    • Healthcare
    • Youth Employment
    • Education
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Renewable Energy
    • Water

We look forward to working with forward-thinking businesses who want to invest for a more sustainable future.


KaacKai’s smart wastewater recovery pods, offer user-friendly, plug-and-play systems for converting daily wastewater into clean water with minimal energy usage, supported by an ESG facility tailored for sustainable development goals.

Solana Energy

Solana Energy provides hassle-free solar installation solutions for projects of any size, empowering communities through sustainable energy initiatives and partnering with corporates for Supplier Development, ultimately backing local solar businesses and fostering local development.

Youth Employment Service

The Youth Employment Service (YES) B-BBEE incentive, facilitated by the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition (DTIC), effectively drives job creation in South Africa by rewarding organizations with B-BBEE scorecard level-ups for youth employment, adaptable to various sectors including healthcare, literacy, Early Childhood Development (ECD), conservation, eco-tourism, drone pilot training, and other integrated solutions, offering partnership opportunities for building sustainable business solutions.

Blossom Care Solutions

Blossom Care Solutions, established in 2019, aims to end period poverty, empower girls, create sustainable jobs for women, and support black-owned, women-led businesses through social franchising, offering B-BBEE recognition.

Adopt-An-SME provides Adopt-An-SME programs supporting small businesses in emerging markets with expertise in marketing, accounting, tax, innovation, and business development, ideal for ESD initiatives and Section18A tax benefits.

Healthcare business? Maximise your B-BBEE Spend for Social Impact in South Africa

Are you a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer or distributor, or a medical device organisation working in South Africa? Are you looking for innovative ways to deploy your B-BBEE spend to deliver significant social impact in the healthcare sector? Look no...

Decusatio Impact Investments Partnership with Campaigning for Cancer

Empowering Cancer patients through information access and advocacy. At Decusatio Impact Investments, we are committed to making a meaningful difference in people's lives, especially in areas where support and resources are needed the most. That's why we are proud of...

Water Security Challenges Linger but Solutions Abound

Acknowledging the Investec Insights and Proposing a Water Waste Recovery Solution South Africa finds itself at a critical juncture regarding its water security and innovative thinking around capture, recycling and re-use of water is now a priority issue.   As...

Decusatio Impact Investments Applauds Famous Brands’ Sustainable Initiatives

Decusatio Impact Investments extends its appreciation to Famous Brands for its commendable efforts in embracing sustainability and corporate responsibility (To read more on it, click here). Famous Brands' recent commitment to supporting alternative energy solutions...

Navigating South Africa’s Water Crisis: Seeking Sustainable Solutions Beyond Supply Expansion

As South Africa grapples with the looming threat of a water crisis, the national government is pushing forward with ambitious plans to broaden water sources. However, amidst these efforts, experts caution that merely expanding supply systems without addressing...

KaacKai | Technology All Ranges

New innovative water-waste recovery technology. The latest Kaackai video unveils their revolutionary smart wastewater recovery pods, designed to recover 98% of high-quality clean water from sewage for reuse. These plug-and-play pods are available in various modular...

ESD is getting a bad name 

Earlier this week I attended a fascinating presentation at the Gordon Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) where they unpacked the first part of a piece of research into Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) initiatives in South Africa. Comprising a working paper...

Unveiling the Hidden Power of ESG: How Sustainable Practices Drive Corporate Success

As an Impact Investment consultancy, we have narrowed our focus into 3 verticals where we will be actively seeking partnerships

Supplier Development partnership delivers access to solar energy for the most vulnerable

As an Impact Investment consultancy, we have narrowed our focus into 3 verticals where we will be actively seeking partnerships

Navigating South Africa’s Energy Landscape: A Call for Solar Solutions

As an Impact Investment consultancy, we have narrowed our focus into 3 verticals where we will be actively seeking partnerships

Decusatio’s Impact Investment solution division and our partners are committed to catalysing positive change through impact investment projects in South Africa. With a keen focus on aligning initiatives with the United Nations (UN) sustainability goals, Decusatio recognises the pivotal role of sustainable development in addressing societal and environmental challenges. Understanding the significance of this alignment is crucial in driving holistic progress and ensuring lasting benefits for communities and ecosystems.

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